principal_pic  Message From Principle

        I express my science gratitude to the school management committee,teachers parents associations,social workers,academiciants,donors,concerned authorities,welll wisher from different occupations,parents,teaching and non teaching staff and students on the auspicious occation of commencenent of +2 level in education and Mangement streams.Starting +2 in limited resources is a challenging job. Our mutual efforts have brought this challenging job into a concrete form. I hope that the first year result will pave a remarkable way for further progress of the college.I expect constant help from all sides to uplift this institution.



       Co-ordinator’s Voice


     Education is the flame of knowledge.Sound academic environment ,facilities of physical infrastructures,experienced teachers and good management are the essential factors to obtain education.The school has started +2 level in management and education streams from 2066 besides the huddles it faced since its establishment.
                       Bharati Bhawan Higher Secondary School is providing education to the students who are from low economic background.This privilege goes to the locals who are toiling their best to establish this institution.The college has aimed BhurjungKhola Lahachowk,Armala,Ghachowk.